Choosing Courage and Passion


This past Sunday I had the honor of running an 18K with a wonderful group of friends. It was the annual Terry Fox Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox was a very young Canadian hero that lived an extraordinary life of courage and dedication. At the young age of 19, he discovered he had a malignant tumor in his leg and consequently had to have the leg amputated. Only a year later, he embarked on a journey of hope as he ran across Canada on his artificial leg with the goal of raising $1 million for cancer research. Many people doubted achieving this goal was possible. Terry not only achieved it, but to date, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over $715 million for cancer research. He showed the world what someone can accomplish when they decide to live out their life from a place of courage rather than a place of fear. .

In his own journey with cancer and in his dedication to raise funds for cancer research, Terry always chose courage over fear. He had the inner strength to carry on, he never let fear stand in his way of daring to dream and finding hope in his darkest moments.

Fear as a motivator rips apart your dreams and steals your inner joy, peace, and hope. It can be beneficial if it saves your life in a crisis situation, but I am not talking about this healthy fear. I am talking about a fear that grips you and feeds negative thoughts into your mind that you are not good enough, not capable enough, or someone else is better or more talented than you.
These inner lies are self-limiting fears and can hold you back from reaching your highest potential.
Terry showed the world that even though disease had taken his leg, it did not destroyed his passion and courage. His courageous spirit inspired the world. Today, I am sharing a video with you on his life and legacy. As you watch, consider whether or not there are areas of your life—professional or personal—in which you lack courage and passion.
Courage is not inherited; it takes daily practice to obtain it. Sometimes it’s hard to find courage. There will be moments of doubt, but we all have the capability to replace fear with love—a love that says, “I am worth it. My work and ambitions are meaningful. I have talents and life to offer those around me. I will passionately go after my goals. I will show grace when I am under fire. I will never let fear stand in my way of success.”
My definition of success has never been measured solely by a paycheck. My definition of success is having the courage to live my life from an authentic place, to choose integrity over greed, and to passionately go after my goals.
May you be not only inspired, but challenged by this video to face your fears and courageously dare to dream a bigger dream for yourself in whatever areas you need such a challenge.
May the legacy and spirit of Terry Fox ignite a spark within you to live your life to its fullest potential, to let nothing stand in your way of becoming all you are meant to be, and may you be lifted to a higher level.

Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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