The Gatekeeper/ A Strategic Business Partner

Metal gate locked by a padlock and chain

The Gatekeeper/ A Strategic Business Partner.
We have all heard of the term the “Gatekeeper” The person in charge of filtering spam so to say.
When I was an account Manager most of the accounts I called upon had a “gatekeeper”
This was a person I had to meet with before I was able to connect with the owner/manager of the business I was calling upon. Rather than being annoyed by this person who wanted to know who I was, why I was calling, what I wanted etc. I decided to embrace this person who was a valuable employee of the business. I did not just put on a smile and pretend to be nice. I worked from a place of authenticity.
It was a real eye-opening experience. As I listened to stories of children, grandchildren, dreams and goals I became very excited by this new opportunity for a real connection at the business I was calling on. This person had very valuable insight, they had a pulse for the business as they usually observed it all. Rather than preparing to get past the “gatekeeper” I looked forward to it, I began to cultivate these relationships, these people became real friends and often strategic partners. They not only shared personal stories but shared insight, introduced me to key players in the organization. The more I built this relationship the more connected I became to the account. I did more than drop off an occasional bribery gift, I really befriended these people. As I reflect on my time as an account manager, I realize the power in those relationships that I built. Those “gatekeepers” became partners and friends and often advocates for the company I represented.
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Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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