Conviction.Billy Graham undoubtedly lived his life with unwavering conviction. I have always been taken with Billy Graham’s faith and life. I remember growing up I would see him on TV and watch him my heart was always moved. I am amazed at the millions of lives that were changed and affected by his life. He leaves an amazing legacy. He was humble and genuine and lived his life with the utmost conviction. My heart is saddened as we say goodbye to such a wonderful man. He was such an inspiration and light to the world. Some call him a mentor, a hero and a friend. I admire his conviction and the passion he shared with the world. Being firmly grounded in your faith and unwavering in your beliefs is of the utmost importance in your life. Life will throw you curve balls but the ability to stand, unmoved, unchanged and unshakeable in your faith is key. I personally am thankful for Billy Grahams life and the example he set for the world. May his legacy leave you inspired and ignite a fire deep inside your soul.



Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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