The power of vision

VisionWhen I was in my early 20’s a young mom of two kids working full time I first heard the idea of a vision board. I sat down one evening after the kids were in bed and took out magazines and began clipping out pictures of everything I needed and wanted to achieve. There were practical items such as new towels and dishcloths, new boots for the kids but there were also some really big goals. A black SUV a blue house and many more. The vision board was hung up in my hallway as a gentle reminder of why I needed to keep pushing daily. Probably a year later we moved and the vision board got tucked away somewhere. It was not till about 10 years later I found my vision board a bit tattered and faded. I sat there stunned there it was my life. I was sitting in my blue house my black SUV was parked in the driveway, I could not believe it. Everything I had placed on the vision board I had achieved. Was it a random coincidence? When I made the vision board some of the goals seemed almost out of reach as at the time I was living in a small basement suite driving an old car that needed new tires and a muffler.
The day I found that vision board my mindset radically shifted, the vision board was not just an idea or a dream but a powerful tool. Of course, I had to work to achieve the dreams but by placing my intention down, focusing on it and believing I was able to achieve not just one goal but everything.
What is your vision for your life? Have you named it and claimed it?
The power of vision can dramatically change your perspective and life, I want to hear about your vision and goals.

Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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