Who is your Mentor?

MentorshipFinding someone within your industry that has been successful and is willing to share and teach you their knowledge and skills is invaluable. We can all read and study what skills it takes to be successful but a mentor is someone that journeys with you and shares insights, skills, tips and knowledge from a hands on working perspective. In the construction industry tradespeople can go to school and study principles and concepts but a mentor is able to help them adapt their knowledge with real life hand on experience. If you have not found a mentor I would strongly encourage it.  Mentors can talk with you about challenges you are facing and offer practical advice. I have always enjoyed the mentorship of much older people than myself as they have provided me many insights into my career and offered me real life advice that I have really benefited from.  If you have a mentor who are they and what do you value most about your relationship with them? And if you don’t what steps could you take to reach out and find a mentor?

Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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