The Apple Experience

So today I had a very interesting conversation with Sheldon a team member from the Apple Store. I was visiting Apple to possibly upgrade my watch to the Nike version for running.

I was greeted upon entering the store by a friendly young gentleman dressed in a tidy red shirt, which of course matched all his fellow team members. From the moment I walked through the store, the experience was all about serving me. I was encouraged to try on some different watches to really get a feel of what it would be like to wear it while running.

The Apple team member who was serving me was really happy and exited to share any information I needed about the Gen4 watch. After I made my purchase which was incredibly seamless. I was offered support in getting the watch linked to my phone. The lady helping me was very patient and encouraging.

I suddenly realized this was truly a great “sales” experience from start to finish.

I asked Sheldon about his training for working at Apple. Sheldon shared with me all about the culture at Apple. He shared how culture and team work is everything. After working with a customer, they give each other feedback. Feedback on what went well, how they could improve next time or some general observations. He said they really dig in and learn from each other. They learn to ask powerful questions while they mentor and encourage each other.

In addition to helping each other, every morning they have a group meeting to get prepared for the day. They learn from each other and build each other up.

He shared how at Apple they love to really serve their customers and make it a real experience for their customers.

 I was pretty pumped the philosophy was so similar to mine. I shared how creating value for clients is so important and building relationships by showing genuine interest.

I could not help but notice he was just so passionate about his job.

I left the store not only with my new watch but I felt pretty great even though I had just spent a fair chunk of cash and I was pumped for a run with my new watch.

 I had not just a new watch but I had found a kindred spirit all the while enjoying a really great buying experience.  Here was someone who asked great questions and was genuinely excited to serve their customers.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy my new watch and head out for a run.

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Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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