Facing The Mountain

Sales is much like climbing a mountain on your journey your going to face many challenges.⠀

There will be mountain top experiences but there will also be valleys and plateaus..⠀

I had an experience a few years ago on climbing a mountain in Whistler BC.⠀

I am quite afraid of heights but didn’t think too much of it as for the first day we were on a nice wide path.⠀

The path was not easy as it was straight up for many hours however it was doable.⠀

On the second day after a bad sleep on the ground my husband and I embarked on day 2.⠀

For the first few hours we hiked across beautiful landscapes and I was enjoying mountain flowers and beautiful waterfalls.⠀

The more we hiked the narrower the path became and gradually we hit snow.⠀

I looked up ahead and could not believe what I saw it was sheer snow to the top of a mountain.⠀

I literally freaked out at the sheer thought of climbing the slippery slopes.⠀

I will not lie I was really afraid I even suggested to my husband that he climb it alone and I would hold down the fort. He did not budge he said we didn’t come this far to turn around.⠀

Reluctantly I clipped on the clamps on my hiking boots and started to climb.⠀

I think at one point I might even have cried.⠀

It took me a very long time to make this part of the journey.⠀

I remember at one point almost being paralyzed by fear.⠀

I sort of froze I was on my knees clinging to a rock looking over a sheer cliff.⠀

With a bit of nudging I finally made it to the top.⠀

It truly was a mountain top experience.⠀

The panoramic views were breathtaking and I felt a surge of emotion wave over me realizing I had overcome the mountain.⠀

Our journey in business and sales is very similar.⠀

You might be going along feeling pretty good and come across a seemingly insurmountable mountain.⠀

You might want to crumble and throw in the towel.⠀

You might even require a little bit of coaching to help you climb the mountain.⠀

However,when you finally face the mountain and move one foot in front of the other, you gradually will make progress.⠀

It might be slow progress but by looking straight ahead focusing only on your goal and never looking back step by step you can ascend to the top.

If you can relate to this type of challenge in your business please comment below.

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Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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