The biggest key to sales is developing a winning mindset.⠀

Sales is a skill that can be learned, just like learning to ride a bicycle.

However, not everyone has a championship mindset.

Do you believe you are destined for certain outcomes in your life or do you believe life is a journey and that you are responsible for your choices and that you are capable of great accomplishments?⠀

It seems like a relatively simple concept yet time and time again I meet people who have every excuse why something won’t work.⠀

It’s the economy, I don’t have my degree, I don’t have the time… ever heard any of these excuses?⠀

The truth is the economy fluctuates and many people see a down economy as a perfect opportunity to find opportunities that didn’t exist when the market was high.

The truth is not everyone has a degree but in many cases the school of hard knocks has the best trained professionals.

The truth is we are all busy but we have time for what we make a priority.⠀

You see what separates winners from losers is their mindset.

I’ve had many setbacks in my life, trauma, lost jobs, a failed business a divorce, loss of parents due to death and dementia… the list goes on but the reality is I am completely responsible for one thing my mindset.

I know for sure we all experience loss, trauma and setbacks but the ability to rise again, to choose positivity or negativity, love over fear this choice will define your life.⠀

So when you feel like you can’t find a way to do, or if you need help reach out to a mentor,coach or other person who will help raise you up.

We all only get one chance so choose your mindset carefully because ultimately our results In life and business are all connected to our mindset.⠀

When doubt or fear sets in steps in stop and reconsider your mindset and does your thoughts fit the outcome you desire?

Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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