Intentions for 2019

Do what is great⠀

This year I didn’t make big resolution goals.⠀

I’ve decided to be gentle on myself more loving, less rigid.⠀

I’ve done a lot of reflection and have decided to live more gracefully.⠀

In the past I’ve set big goals, chased them down, been relentless in pursuit of my dreams and made it happen.⠀

But it’s also sometimes come at a price, less family time, hardcore self discipline and self loathing.⠀

I’ve been reading a lot lately on mindfulness of living in the here and now and being kinder and softer with ourselves and this resonates with me.⠀

This is not to say I’m not accountable or love to set goals but I want to be kinder to myself to take time to slow down and live presently in the moment.⠀

I was thinking back to my time volunteering in India at the Mother Teresa Mother House and realizing that the small things done with great love are truly the greatest things.⠀

Serving others with great love and kindness in the present moment, now that truly is Great.

Happy New Year I wish you all an amazing day and an amazing year

Author: Sharon-Rose McNeil

Owner of Honor Sales Training

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