Hello and Welcome to the home of Honor Sales. My name is Sharon-Rose McNeil, Owner and Founder of Honor Sales.  I am a Sales Professional with over 23 years experience in  sales. I am a highly motivated individual with a passion for sales and excellence. I started my career in sales at a very young age. Professionally I started at 18, but quite frankly I fell in love  with sales at around 8 years of age when I used to sell potatoes for my parents as we ran a hobby farm with 80 acres of land and being of Irish descent we loved potatoes. I learned to plant them from seed, to harvest them and take them to market to sell locally. While I fell in love with sales at a  young age, I had a lot of learning to do. It has been an exciting journey filled with many lessons, successes and failures along the way. Sometimes it felt like I always chose the road less travelled but when I look back I am so blessed to have had many wonderful people in my life who taught me, mentored me and helped me become who I am today.

The most important sales principles that I have learned along the way are solid principles, built on values, integrity and trust. I have never measured success solely in terms of dollars and cents. Success for me is quite personal, I measure my success on who I am as a wife, mother, grandma and friend.

In my career I have won many awards as a top performer, received plaques and awards for making the “club” but really these are all just titles and awards.Yes, I have enjoyed trips, prizes and large bonuses and commissions but these are tiny in comparison as to the passion I feel for my family, community and friends . I’ve never really been a subscriber to catchy phrases, smooth talk or other BS that I have seen plenty of along the way. While I have worked with many smooth fast talking salespeople … who did make tons of money, it was just never my style. My best successes were built on solid timeless principles that I would like to share with you.  I am looking forward to dishing out real advice, tips and stories that have worked well for me in my sales journey.  The secrets that I will share on not “get rich” fast schemes or multi level marketing tactics, just straightforward advice from a straightforward kind of gal. When I look back at my career there were sales fundamentals that I learned and applied and that  I am excited  to share with you.

I am a lifelong learner, passionate and goal oriented individual with a dedication to teach and train principles that have made me very successful in my career.

When I am not working I might be found  volunteering with my faithful beagle Russell, running marathons or coaching running groups, public speaking as well as enjoying the beautiful west coast with my husband.  For me living the life I was created to and motivating others to live their best life is truly how I measure success.

I am honored to share my insights and wisdom with you

Sharon-Rose McNeil