About HS – Coach Sharon-Rose McNeil

My name is Sharon-Rose McNeil. I am a sales professional with over 25 years of experience in the sales industry. I am a highly-motivated individual with a passion for sales and excellence. I currently work from home in Victoria British Columbia. I am a wife, mom, and grandma and avid runner.

I offer sales coaching and training or I can come as a motivational speaker to your next sales event.

I started my career in sales at a very young age. Professionally, I started at 18, but quite frankly, I fell in love with sales when I was about 8. I would sell potatoes that were grown on my parents’ hobby farm.  I learned everything I could about marketing our organic potatoes. I understood the farming process, I learned to connect to my customer through storytelling techniques and presentation skills and then finally how to land a profitable sale.

While I fell in love with sales early in life, I had a lot of learning to do. It has been an exciting journey filled with many lessons, successes, and challenges along the way.

My career has involved a lot of different roles in the sales industry. At 18 years old  I started off in direct sales and marketing selling vacuum cleaners door to door for six years. I then moved to the auto industry and then found my home working in the Building Products Industry where I have been for the past 16 years.

I’ve never really been a subscriber to catchy phrases or the smooth talk of get-rich schemes. I’ve seen too much of that through the years. I can, however, dish out real advice, tips, and stories that have worked well for me in my career.

I love to coach people who are interested in building a solid career in sales or those who desire to increase sales in their current sales role.

My vision is to help you set goals personally or for your whole team. Together we can customize a sales process, provide sales or customer service training in class or online and then partner together to achieve and monitor your sales for long term results.

I am honored to share my journey with you and am excited to get to you and your team fired up and ready to win.

Sharon-Rose McNeil – Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Marathon Runner… Mom & Grandma, Wife and Friend