About Honor Sales

Mission Statement
Honor Sales is committed to training and empowering sales professionals to achieve their highest potential, through world class training methodologies built on honesty, integrity, trust and respect for all. Building long lasting relationships with our customers is an integral part of our business. We believe in doing our one small part to help educate children living in poverty by donating 5% of all sales to Compassion Canada.

Honor Sales offers effective sales training for contractors, builders, lumber yards, orĀ  home renovation companies, including small to medium sized businesses.

The construction industry is competitive, so your sales team needs more than ever to be knowledgeable not only in products/services and sales skills but also in the marketplace, competitors and customers. Leveraging strong relationships with customers, contractors and suppliers is more important today than its ever been. Strong communication skills are required as well as a full understanding of the needs of your customers. With end customers having high expectations when it comes to tight deadlines, submittal packages, and being competitive in a tight marketplace. Sales teams need to be highly skilled in all aspects of sales and service.

Our vision is to help you set goals personally or for your whole team. Together we can customize a sales process for your sales team, provide in-depth salesĀ  training in class or one on one sales coaching and then partner together to achieve and monitor your sales for long term results.

Whether you are a renovator, plumber, roofer, window installer, door installer, or work in any other trade, we can help you with your sales training needs.

My name is Sharon-Rose McNeil The owner and founder of Honor Sales.
I have always been know for my passion and dedication to my customers.
If you want to get energized, learn a few new ideas or simply brainstorm out some sales challenges, feel free to reach out anytime let’s chat.

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