Who is your Mentor?

MentorshipFinding someone within your industry that has been successful and is willing to share and teach you their knowledge and skills is invaluable. We can all read and study what skills it takes to be successful but a mentor is someone that journeys with you and shares insights, skills, tips and knowledge from a hands on working perspective. In the construction industry tradespeople can go to school and study principles and concepts but a mentor is able to help them adapt their knowledge with real life hand on experience. If you have not found a mentor I would strongly encourage it.  Mentors can talk with you about challenges you are facing and offer practical advice. I have always enjoyed the mentorship of much older people than myself as they have provided me many insights into my career and offered me real life advice that I have really benefited from.  If you have a mentor who are they and what do you value most about your relationship with them? And if you don’t what steps could you take to reach out and find a mentor?

The power of vision

VisionWhen I was in my early 20’s a young mom of two kids working full time I first heard the idea of a vision board. I sat down one evening after the kids were in bed and took out magazines and began clipping out pictures of everything I needed and wanted to achieve. There were practical items such as new towels and dishcloths, new boots for the kids but there were also some really big goals. A black SUV a blue house and many more. The vision board was hung up in my hallway as a gentle reminder of why I needed to keep pushing daily. Probably a year later we moved and the vision board got tucked away somewhere. It was not till about 10 years later I found my vision board a bit tattered and faded. I sat there stunned there it was my life. I was sitting in my blue house my black SUV was parked in the driveway, I could not believe it. Everything I had placed on the vision board I had achieved. Was it a random coincidence? When I made the vision board some of the goals seemed almost out of reach as at the time I was living in a small basement suite driving an old car that needed new tires and a muffler.
The day I found that vision board my mindset radically shifted, the vision board was not just an idea or a dream but a powerful tool. Of course, I had to work to achieve the dreams but by placing my intention down, focusing on it and believing I was able to achieve not just one goal but everything.
What is your vision for your life? Have you named it and claimed it?
The power of vision can dramatically change your perspective and life, I want to hear about your vision and goals.
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Conviction.Billy Graham undoubtedly lived his life with unwavering conviction. I have always been taken with Billy Graham’s faith and life. I remember growing up I would see him on TV and watch him my heart was always moved. I am amazed at the millions of lives that were changed and affected by his life. He leaves an amazing legacy. He was humble and genuine and lived his life with the utmost conviction. My heart is saddened as we say goodbye to such a wonderful man. He was such an inspiration and light to the world. Some call him a mentor, a hero and a friend. I admire his conviction and the passion he shared with the world. Being firmly grounded in your faith and unwavering in your beliefs is of the utmost importance in your life. Life will throw you curve balls but the ability to stand, unmoved, unchanged and unshakeable in your faith is key. I personally am thankful for Billy Grahams life and the example he set for the world. May his legacy leave you inspired and ignite a fire deep inside your soul.




Using Humor!Humor
Having a sense of humor is so important in sales. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a boardroom and the tension in the room is like a smog. Then all of a sudden someone cracks a joke and the whole feel of the room changes, everyone laughs and smiles. Have you ever been to a wedding where everything is going perfect, the bride is hoping everything will go off perfectly its almost as if everyone is holding their breath and then all of a sudden, the cute little ring bearer or flower girl starts clowning around and everyone starts smiling and giggling and relaxes. The same goes for sales meetings we all strive for perfection to ask the right questions, to have the right body language all of which is important but what about lightening up the mood when it just seems necessary or fits the situation. You need to be able to read the setting to make sure what you say is appropriate but using humor to your presentations and interactions can put people at easy and make them feel comfortable with you.


Empathy Is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. An important part of sales is the ability to show empathy to our customers needs, challenges and failures. Its very important that you empathize with what your customer is going through. If your care and concern is not genuine they will pick up on it. Being able to put yourself in their shoes and see it from their perspective is an important skill. Many times, people want to jump into what they are selling or try to fix the customers problems, but being able to just sit and listen is so important. Perhaps you can’t offer any solution but you can offer a listening ear. The time you were able to just sit and listen and to share in their struggle might be more important than the product or service you are trying to sell. Building long lasting relationships takes a lot of work but can pay off in big dividends. Would you say you are empathetic or just find yourself being annoyed by having to sit and listen to a sob story? Evaluate if this is a strength for you or do you need to practice empathy?

Paying it Forward

I am very excited to share with you, Honor Sales is a proud supporter of Compassion Canada.
Compassion is an amazing organization that is one of the world’s leading child development organizations. Compassion partners with local churches in 25 countries to help end poverty in the lives of children and their families. Honor Sales is committed to learning and a firm believer in paying it forward. A portion of all sales will be directed towards building a learning center often children in extreme poverty lack access to education to change their situation. We are helping build a learning centre where children will have access to a computer lab and a library, along with vocational skills training. Personally I am so honored and proud to do my one small part.

Sell with Purpose & Passion

Purpose & PassionAlways sell with Purpose & Passion

The dictionary defines Purpose as:

1.the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

2.an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal


What is your purpose for sales?

Is it just a way to earn a living? Do you truly believe in what you sell?

Or is something bigger, is it your contribution to others?


There is a lot of talk about not being” Salsey” while I agree there is nothing worse than a sleazy salesperson. What about the profession of sales. I personally am very proud I chose sales as my career. I am not ashamed for wearing the title of being a “Salesperson” if I had to do it all over again, I would. I am honored to have natural sales abilities and I am excited to share my energy and passion with the world.


When I am coaching I talk a lot about selling with purpose and passion.

When I am working with a client I feel excitement and a fire ignite inside me.

Sales is a great way to contribute to my family but it lights me up with energy.


One of the key attributes of a top sales performer is that they always demonstrate a passion for the sales profession.  While you need to understand the core sales process and the fundamentals of sales, your attitude towards your work will ultimately decide your success.  You must truly believe in what you are selling and be dedicated to helping your customer solve a problem. Authenticity, enthusiasm and strong work ethic are all key ingredients to becoming a top sales performer.

I am so excited to be working with an organization that makes a wonderful contribution to the world through helping those living in extreme poverty…. More on that to come… stay tuned.

Consider what is your purpose for sales and do you feel passion about it…. if not do you need to reassess or do you need to find purpose & passion in your work?



Fear 2

Many customers are afraid to make a purchase. Typically, this comes from the fact that they don’t want to make a wrong decision or be taken advantage of.

Have you ever bought an item only to get it home and it does not perform exactly how you were led to believe? You would feel let down and disappointed. Worse yet, you may try to return the item only to find out there is a no return policy because you bought it on sale. This is not only frustrating in the moment, but it might make you defensive when someone tries to sell you something in the future. Your past experiences may make your wary of making the wrong decision again.


Perhaps you purchased a service in the past that not only let you down, but made you feel like you’d been “ripped off” or “taken advantage of.” Perhaps you purchased a warranty that did not deliver on the promises you’d been sold. You would have felt taken advantage of and perhaps vowed that this would never happen again, causing you to become defensive when someone tries to sell you something.

So as a salesperson how do I overcome this?

A customer will trust you enough to do business with you if they see your positive character qualities. They might question whether or not you are dependable, kind, generous and honest. These qualities display good character. Will you call back in a timely manner if they reach out to you with questions? If you make a promise, will you deliver? Are you generally a good person to do business with? 

Establishing trust with a customer is key to sales success. No one will want to purchase any products/services from you if they do not trust you.

Trust is magnified with social media. You should make sure your social media accounts establish yourself as a trustworthy person. Customers will also look online for reviews—good and bad–concerning your trustworthiness. They want to know that they are dealing with an honest person who has integrity. It is your job to build trust between you and your customer.

Need help in establishing trust between you and your customer, please feel free to email me to set up a coaching session. 

Taking Time

Time for a Break Clock 3d Words Work Pause Interruption
Take time to focus, refuel and recharge

Have you ever felt overcome with the mystery of the unknown and repelled solitude?

Tonight, I took a walk in the pouring rain. I reflected on how so often in business we avoid the darkness that sometimes comes with being alone with ourselves. There are a million things we need to accomplish and the ladder to building your business can be overwhelming at times. There is the mystery of what is around the corner, the stress of being able to find the resources we need, the question of our own talent, the weight of time—the list goes on and on. There are endless ideas for promoting your business, and sometimes that endless list makes it easy to become completely overwhelmed.

As I started my walk, I was disappointed it was raining, but the farther I walked, I realized it was actually refreshing. No one was outside, the air was brisk and fresh, and I began to embrace both the darkness and the solitude. I felt creative juices begin to flow. Why had I dreaded alone time so much? In the darkness, there were no distractions, no emails, no phone calls—just me the rain and the darkness of the night. I felt liberated.

As I embraced the walk, I embraced ideas that began to cross my mind. With all the clutter gone it was much easier to focus. In sales, we are taught that we need to network, relationship-build, and constantly keep the pipeline full. It’s all good advice, but what about time and space to focus, plan and create a vision for your life? As we approach the Christmas season, it’s really easy to get caught up in all the commercialism and craziness. Being in sales can be very exciting, invigorating, and at times, overwhelming. In my years as a sales consultant, alone time was very important. It was in the quiet I could recharge my batteries. When you are in sales there are constant demands on you, whether it’s your customers or the company you work for.

There’s is a ying and yang to sales. While many sales people love the connections sales bring to their lives, it can deplete your energy. Over the years, people have told me they love the energy I bring to a meeting, but the energy is not free. It had to come from somewhere. Many times, I had to retreat to a quiet space to recharge and focus. Making this a priority has become more important in the larger professional roles I have embraced and especially as I build my own sales coaching business.

My challenge to you this holiday season is to find time to retreat, recharge, and focus.