Intentions for 2019

Do what is great⠀

This year I didn’t make big resolution goals.⠀

I’ve decided to be gentle on myself more loving, less rigid.⠀

I’ve done a lot of reflection and have decided to live more gracefully.⠀

In the past I’ve set big goals, chased them down, been relentless in pursuit of my dreams and made it happen.⠀

But it’s also sometimes come at a price, less family time, hardcore self discipline and self loathing.⠀

I’ve been reading a lot lately on mindfulness of living in the here and now and being kinder and softer with ourselves and this resonates with me.⠀

This is not to say I’m not accountable or love to set goals but I want to be kinder to myself to take time to slow down and live presently in the moment.⠀

I was thinking back to my time volunteering in India at the Mother Teresa Mother House and realizing that the small things done with great love are truly the greatest things.⠀

Serving others with great love and kindness in the present moment, now that truly is Great.

Happy New Year I wish you all an amazing day and an amazing year


The biggest key to sales is developing a winning mindset.⠀

Sales is a skill that can be learned, just like learning to ride a bicycle.

However, not everyone has a championship mindset.

Do you believe you are destined for certain outcomes in your life or do you believe life is a journey and that you are responsible for your choices and that you are capable of great accomplishments?⠀

It seems like a relatively simple concept yet time and time again I meet people who have every excuse why something won’t work.⠀

It’s the economy, I don’t have my degree, I don’t have the time… ever heard any of these excuses?⠀

The truth is the economy fluctuates and many people see a down economy as a perfect opportunity to find opportunities that didn’t exist when the market was high.

The truth is not everyone has a degree but in many cases the school of hard knocks has the best trained professionals.

The truth is we are all busy but we have time for what we make a priority.⠀

You see what separates winners from losers is their mindset.

I’ve had many setbacks in my life, trauma, lost jobs, a failed business a divorce, loss of parents due to death and dementia… the list goes on but the reality is I am completely responsible for one thing my mindset.

I know for sure we all experience loss, trauma and setbacks but the ability to rise again, to choose positivity or negativity, love over fear this choice will define your life.⠀

So when you feel like you can’t find a way to do, or if you need help reach out to a mentor,coach or other person who will help raise you up.

We all only get one chance so choose your mindset carefully because ultimately our results In life and business are all connected to our mindset.⠀

When doubt or fear sets in steps in stop and reconsider your mindset and does your thoughts fit the outcome you desire?

2018 Reflection

As we approach the end of the year it’s a good time to take a look at where we have been this year.⠀

While I like to look ahead it’s also the perfect time to reflect on what really worked this year and areas that could be improved.⠀

Many people are setting goals for 2019 but what were some of your highlights of 2018.⠀

Reflection makes things clear. Sometimes when we are so wrapped up in our daily lives hustling we don’t get a clear picture.⠀

As I look back I get the whole picture.⠀

What was your highlight of 2018?

Decision Making

Have you ever felt yourself at a crossroad in your life or business?

There seems to be the clear path the one that says here walk this road it’s easy. Then there is the other path the one that says enter at your own risk, this path is not for the faint of heart

Which one do you choose?

We all face choices in our businesses and life. So how do you choose.

I like to have some guiding principles when I face these moments. I have some agreements with myself. Agreements such as …

Do these friendships raise me up or drag me down?

Does this sit well inside my heart?

Does this satisfy my soul?

Is this credible?

If this was on the news how would other people react?

Does this serve others?

Having non negotiable agreements will help you at pivotal moments of decision making.

Do you have agreements in place for your decision making? If so please share one of your agreements below 🔽🔽🔽

Just have fun

Let go and have some fun.⠀

Having fun is important in our lives. For our 11th wedding anniversary my husband and I spent our anniversary on a scooter driving around Mikenos Greece for the day, stopping at stunning beaches and taking time to be silly and laugh.⠀

It was so wonderful to let our hair down and completely relax.⠀

For me I get so wrapped up in my work that I need to remind myself to play.⠀

When we are in a sales role it’s also important to make sure you addd in the “fun” element to your presentation. Nothing worse than a long boring sales pitch.⠀

When your working a deal make it fun and upbeat, relax and enjoy the ride.⠀

What was the best thing you ever purchased and why?

Comment below

Have an amazing day

Tis the most giving time of the year

It’s the most giving time of the year. It might also be the most expensive but it’s also a season of giving.

Growing up my parents taught me a very old phrase “ it’s better to give than to receive” that statement could not be more true.⠀

I’ve learned over the years the more I’ve given the more comes back…. it’s really true.⠀

My parents would tell me to give til it hurt.⠀

My parents would pick up every hitch hiker… maybe not the safest move but they would chat with them and even pray for them before they dropped them off.⠀

While it’s nice to receive a nice gift once and awhile I’ve learned I get far more joy giving to someone else.⠀

It seems the more I’ve given it honestly has come back 10x.⠀

I don’t think the secret lies in the next big funnel or make your millions scheme.⠀

I think the real truth is if you give unselfishly from the bottom of your heart your life will be filled with more blessings than you will be able to contain.⠀

I had a coffee yesterday at Starbucks with a random stranger an older fellow in his 70’s we chatted for over an hour. He told me about how many people he knows are unhappy with their lives.⠀

We shared how each of us has had many set backs in our lives.⠀

I said deep in my heart I am truly happy. We are blessed beyond measure simply because of where in the world we have been born.⠀

It was a wonderful visit and I’m so happy I took time to share a coffee with a random stranger rather than checking my phone

This season give from the bottom of your heart and you’ll be amazed at what happens in your life.⠀

Please share what is the best present you have ever received?

Facing The Mountain

Sales is much like climbing a mountain on your journey your going to face many challenges.⠀

There will be mountain top experiences but there will also be valleys and plateaus..⠀

I had an experience a few years ago on climbing a mountain in Whistler BC.⠀

I am quite afraid of heights but didn’t think too much of it as for the first day we were on a nice wide path.⠀

The path was not easy as it was straight up for many hours however it was doable.⠀

On the second day after a bad sleep on the ground my husband and I embarked on day 2.⠀

For the first few hours we hiked across beautiful landscapes and I was enjoying mountain flowers and beautiful waterfalls.⠀

The more we hiked the narrower the path became and gradually we hit snow.⠀

I looked up ahead and could not believe what I saw it was sheer snow to the top of a mountain.⠀

I literally freaked out at the sheer thought of climbing the slippery slopes.⠀

I will not lie I was really afraid I even suggested to my husband that he climb it alone and I would hold down the fort. He did not budge he said we didn’t come this far to turn around.⠀

Reluctantly I clipped on the clamps on my hiking boots and started to climb.⠀

I think at one point I might even have cried.⠀

It took me a very long time to make this part of the journey.⠀

I remember at one point almost being paralyzed by fear.⠀

I sort of froze I was on my knees clinging to a rock looking over a sheer cliff.⠀

With a bit of nudging I finally made it to the top.⠀

It truly was a mountain top experience.⠀

The panoramic views were breathtaking and I felt a surge of emotion wave over me realizing I had overcome the mountain.⠀

Our journey in business and sales is very similar.⠀

You might be going along feeling pretty good and come across a seemingly insurmountable mountain.⠀

You might want to crumble and throw in the towel.⠀

You might even require a little bit of coaching to help you climb the mountain.⠀

However,when you finally face the mountain and move one foot in front of the other, you gradually will make progress.⠀

It might be slow progress but by looking straight ahead focusing only on your goal and never looking back step by step you can ascend to the top.

If you can relate to this type of challenge in your business please comment below.

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The Apple Experience

So today I had a very interesting conversation with Sheldon a team member from the Apple Store. I was visiting Apple to possibly upgrade my watch to the Nike version for running.

I was greeted upon entering the store by a friendly young gentleman dressed in a tidy red shirt, which of course matched all his fellow team members. From the moment I walked through the store, the experience was all about serving me. I was encouraged to try on some different watches to really get a feel of what it would be like to wear it while running.

The Apple team member who was serving me was really happy and exited to share any information I needed about the Gen4 watch. After I made my purchase which was incredibly seamless. I was offered support in getting the watch linked to my phone. The lady helping me was very patient and encouraging.

I suddenly realized this was truly a great “sales” experience from start to finish.

I asked Sheldon about his training for working at Apple. Sheldon shared with me all about the culture at Apple. He shared how culture and team work is everything. After working with a customer, they give each other feedback. Feedback on what went well, how they could improve next time or some general observations. He said they really dig in and learn from each other. They learn to ask powerful questions while they mentor and encourage each other.

In addition to helping each other, every morning they have a group meeting to get prepared for the day. They learn from each other and build each other up.

He shared how at Apple they love to really serve their customers and make it a real experience for their customers.

 I was pretty pumped the philosophy was so similar to mine. I shared how creating value for clients is so important and building relationships by showing genuine interest.

I could not help but notice he was just so passionate about his job.

I left the store not only with my new watch but I felt pretty great even though I had just spent a fair chunk of cash and I was pumped for a run with my new watch.

 I had not just a new watch but I had found a kindred spirit all the while enjoying a really great buying experience.  Here was someone who asked great questions and was genuinely excited to serve their customers.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy my new watch and head out for a run.

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Be a grinder in pursuit of excellence.

Drive, Determination and Grit are all essential in really driving your sales performance.

Results don’t just happen to you, you have to make them happen.

It’s the day in the day out grind never giving up.

Prospecting, networking,referrals, filling up your pipeline continually… you have to make it happen.Be a grinder in the pursuit of excellence in achieving your goals.