Just have fun

Let go and have some fun.⠀

Having fun is important in our lives. For our 11th wedding anniversary my husband and I spent our anniversary on a scooter driving around Mikenos Greece for the day, stopping at stunning beaches and taking time to be silly and laugh.⠀

It was so wonderful to let our hair down and completely relax.⠀

For me I get so wrapped up in my work that I need to remind myself to play.⠀

When we are in a sales role it’s also important to make sure you addd in the “fun” element to your presentation. Nothing worse than a long boring sales pitch.⠀

When your working a deal make it fun and upbeat, relax and enjoy the ride.⠀

What was the best thing you ever purchased and why?

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Have an amazing day

Dress for Success


When I was just starting out in sales I was told to “Dress for Success” I loved this idea. Get prepared to win not just mentally but physically.  When I was 18 and just starting out in sales the budget was a bit tight but I invested in the highest quality shoes I could afford shined them up and wore them proudly. I also bought a black suit, I called it my powerhouse suit. It was crazy but when I wore those shoes and suit I sold more vacuum cleaners than any other outfit I owned. I remember one month selling 30 vacuum cleaners door to door. I have come to realize it was not a magic suit but when I wore my very best I felt confident and ready to win.

Over the years styles and trends have changed but I have learned that this principle still applies. I have also learned to dress appropriately for the industry I’m working in, business, causal etc. However, wearing your very best, being fresh and ready to win puts you ahead not just stylishly but mentally.

What is appropriate attire in your profession? What clothing choices do you take to “dress for success”?

Sell with Purpose & Passion

Purpose & PassionAlways sell with Purpose & Passion

The dictionary defines Purpose as:

1.the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

2.an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal


What is your purpose for sales?

Is it just a way to earn a living? Do you truly believe in what you sell?

Or is something bigger, is it your contribution to others?


There is a lot of talk about not being” Salsey” while I agree there is nothing worse than a sleazy salesperson. What about the profession of sales. I personally am very proud I chose sales as my career. I am not ashamed for wearing the title of being a “Salesperson” if I had to do it all over again, I would. I am honored to have natural sales abilities and I am excited to share my energy and passion with the world.


When I am coaching I talk a lot about selling with purpose and passion.

When I am working with a client I feel excitement and a fire ignite inside me.

Sales is a great way to contribute to my family but it lights me up with energy.


One of the key attributes of a top sales performer is that they always demonstrate a passion for the sales profession.  While you need to understand the core sales process and the fundamentals of sales, your attitude towards your work will ultimately decide your success.  You must truly believe in what you are selling and be dedicated to helping your customer solve a problem. Authenticity, enthusiasm and strong work ethic are all key ingredients to becoming a top sales performer.

I am so excited to be working with an organization that makes a wonderful contribution to the world through helping those living in extreme poverty…. More on that to come… stay tuned.

Consider what is your purpose for sales and do you feel passion about it…. if not do you need to reassess or do you need to find purpose & passion in your work?


Customer Service a companies #1 resource.

Customer Services
Magnified illustration with the words Customer Services on white background.

Customer Service can make or break a company’s image and have a dramatic effect on the overall success of any company.

Let’s consider a company with bad customer service. This could be a large or small company. They could make good products, but the customer service is lacking. A prospective customer walks through the door and the sales associates are gossiping with each other versus offering to help a customer. Immediately, without saying anything, the customer is put off. After a few minutes, one of the sales associates walks over and offers to assist the customer. It seems like a big leap from such a small act as talking with your coworkers, but the customer’s very first impression is that the store is not professional. Such subtle actions can have a big impact on what your customers think of your business. They walk into an office and your receptionist is texting on their cell phone or browsing their social media feed. The customer gains an immediate perception that they are not a high priority. Have you ever felt frustration at trying to reach out to a business and you get put on hold with cheesy music for an extended period of time? Right from the start, this makes you frustrated with the company. How about when you have a problem and try to return an item in good faith only to find out that they have no return policy or the warranty turns out to not be a usable warranty at all? How does that affect your perception with this business?

Everything from how your employee’s greet a customer to how they react in a challenging situation will affect the overall customer service experience your consumer’s experience.

Consumers today are educated and demand a high level of professionalism and integrity in businesses. Many consumers research an item online and learn everything they can before making a major purchase. They might look for reviews, watch videos and conduct extensive research before considering a purchase or a visit to your business. Many consumers will reach out to online social groups to ask friends for the personal experience or opinion. These reviews and opinions are capable of becoming viral, which means your consumer’s experience should be your number one priority.

How would you customer service stack up if it were under a microscope or worse blasted all over social media?

Consumers today are not hoping for high levels of customer service, they are expecting it. Consumers don’t expect perfection and can be fairly understanding of challenges businesses face, but they are expecting representatives at businesses to be knowledgeable about what they are selling, to understand their concerns, who want to work with people who with empathy, patience, and care. When a challenge arises, consumers want a quick response. They expect someone to pick up the phone, listen with empathy, and find a resolution quickly. They expect to be made to feel that their business is a high priority and the representative of the company will look after them long after the initial sales process.

I have always been impressed when I walk into an Apple Store. Despite how busy they seem to be, I am always greeted with a smile from a well-dressed employee who seems happy and eager to help. I have been asked to wait, but I have had my concern noted and reassured that as soon as an employee is available, I will be helped immediately. My experience has been that the staff are knowledgeable and are willing to work with me until I am confident and ready to walk out of the store. Apple’s employees always have made me feel that they understand my needs.
Shopping is rapidly changing and those businesses which have highly trained employees who have exceptional customer service will stay ahead. It is a company’s staff that are their most valuable or costly resource. It is the employees that can make or break a company’s success.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas or an outside perspective to have world class customer service, reach out to Honor Sales. We keep it real and offer straight advice and strategies to help your team have top notch customer service skills.




Just Jump: A Guide to Finding Your Motivation

StockSnap_UGKIE5LWCQOne of the most important keys for me in sales has been my strong motivational behaviour. I have spent some time thinking about what creates motivation inside each of us and how we can unlock it. Is there a secret to tapping into unlimited motivation? What fuels the desire to excel? What fuels us to produce top results? What pushes us to live extraordinary lives?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines motivation as, “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something; the act or process of motivating someone; the condition of being eager to act or work; the condition of being motivated; a force or influence that causes someone to do something.”

I have always been eager to learn and better myself, but why? In school, I struggled for years. My perfectionism would take over and I would fear failure and disappointing my peers. What I learned was to never back away and always use my fears to propel myself forward instead of backward. I would push the boundaries and challenge myself to overcome whatever obstacles stood in my way.

I have a distinct memory of developing my own sense of personal motivation. I was about 6 and I was sent home with two boxes of chocolate bars to sell for a school fundraiser. This was a pretty big challenge considering I lived on a farm with only one neighbour. How was I going to sell 48 chocolate bars? My mom picked me up from the bus stop and asked what I was going to do with 48 bars of chocolate. Now, my dad and I loved chocolate, so we would have been happy to eat all of them, but my mom wanted nothing to do with that idea. Instead, she drove me to a neighboring community and dropped me off. She told me she was going for coffee at a friend’s place and I should meet her back there after all the chocolate bars had been sold. I remember feeling overwhelmed and intensely afraid of rejection. In that moment, I knew I could not let this fear take over; I wouldn’t. Even at 6 years old I knew I was stronger than that.

So, I put one foot in front of the other, walked up to a house, and knocked on the door. I put on a big smile, introduced myself, and explained that I was selling chocolates for school and that I needed to sell them all. I could feel my heart pumping. The lady who opened the door just looked at me, expressionless. I thought rejection was coming. However, she quickly offered to buy a chocolate bar. I did it. I sold my first chocolate bar.

I told myself that wasn’t too bad. Just knock on the next door and do it again. So, one by one, house by house, I sold all 48 chocolate bars. I could feel a light inside me ignite. I had overcome the fear of rejection and the few people who did reject me were quickly forgotten. Best of all, I went on to win the entire fundraising contest.

The key to unlocking this motivation was not that I was gifted with magical sales glitter dust, but that I put fear in its place. I tuned out the negative voices and put one foot in front of the other.  I had awakened the force inside myself. Was it easy? No. In fact, it was terrifying. But I pushed beyond my comfort zone. It was my first real sales lesson and I had many more to come.

Thankfully, my mom believed in me, even when I didn’t. She taught me a valuable lesson in just getting out there and making it happen. Now, I’m not advocating dropping off children in a random neighbourhood to fend for themselves, but I am all for helping our children succeed and teaching them to take the very first step out of the nest to test their wings.

As much as I wish I could have had found magic sales dust to reach my goal, that, would not have helped me learn the value of determination and perseverance.

Are there areas of your life that are limiting you? I think if we sit back and just wait for the perfect opportunity, it will never come. Just jump out of the nest and learn to fly. If you wipe out, get up and do it again, but don’t let negativity or fear stand in your way.

To truly be successful in sales, the first step is learning to step out and move past your fears. Jump out of your comfort zone and start spreading your wings. If you keep at it, soon you will be flying until suddenly, it’s not so scary anymore.

Sharon-Rose McNeil Honor Sales Coach