Just have fun

Let go and have some fun.⠀

Having fun is important in our lives. For our 11th wedding anniversary my husband and I spent our anniversary on a scooter driving around Mikenos Greece for the day, stopping at stunning beaches and taking time to be silly and laugh.⠀

It was so wonderful to let our hair down and completely relax.⠀

For me I get so wrapped up in my work that I need to remind myself to play.⠀

When we are in a sales role it’s also important to make sure you addd in the “fun” element to your presentation. Nothing worse than a long boring sales pitch.⠀

When your working a deal make it fun and upbeat, relax and enjoy the ride.⠀

What was the best thing you ever purchased and why?

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Have an amazing day

Tis the most giving time of the year

It’s the most giving time of the year. It might also be the most expensive but it’s also a season of giving.

Growing up my parents taught me a very old phrase “ it’s better to give than to receive” that statement could not be more true.⠀

I’ve learned over the years the more I’ve given the more comes back…. it’s really true.⠀

My parents would tell me to give til it hurt.⠀

My parents would pick up every hitch hiker… maybe not the safest move but they would chat with them and even pray for them before they dropped them off.⠀

While it’s nice to receive a nice gift once and awhile I’ve learned I get far more joy giving to someone else.⠀

It seems the more I’ve given it honestly has come back 10x.⠀

I don’t think the secret lies in the next big funnel or make your millions scheme.⠀

I think the real truth is if you give unselfishly from the bottom of your heart your life will be filled with more blessings than you will be able to contain.⠀

I had a coffee yesterday at Starbucks with a random stranger an older fellow in his 70’s we chatted for over an hour. He told me about how many people he knows are unhappy with their lives.⠀

We shared how each of us has had many set backs in our lives.⠀

I said deep in my heart I am truly happy. We are blessed beyond measure simply because of where in the world we have been born.⠀

It was a wonderful visit and I’m so happy I took time to share a coffee with a random stranger rather than checking my phone

This season give from the bottom of your heart and you’ll be amazed at what happens in your life.⠀

Please share what is the best present you have ever received?

Focus!: Drop the Law of Attraction. Slay Your Goals with David Essel

via C 18-10 Focus!: Drop the Law of Attraction. Slay Your Goals with David Essel.

I recently discovered Self discovery radio with Sara Troy, she brings really soulful interviews and thoughts. This podcast with David Essel is really inspiring. Some really great ideas for slaying your goals.

Check out Sara at https://selfdiscoveryradio.com


Using Humor!Humor
Having a sense of humor is so important in sales. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a boardroom and the tension in the room is like a smog. Then all of a sudden someone cracks a joke and the whole feel of the room changes, everyone laughs and smiles. Have you ever been to a wedding where everything is going perfect, the bride is hoping everything will go off perfectly its almost as if everyone is holding their breath and then all of a sudden, the cute little ring bearer or flower girl starts clowning around and everyone starts smiling and giggling and relaxes. The same goes for sales meetings we all strive for perfection to ask the right questions, to have the right body language all of which is important but what about lightening up the mood when it just seems necessary or fits the situation. You need to be able to read the setting to make sure what you say is appropriate but using humor to your presentations and interactions can put people at easy and make them feel comfortable with you.

Grit Video Link

I found a video that I wanted to share, Angela Lee Duckworth a wonderful teacher shares really interesting insights on the power of grit that she learned while teaching. I really enjoyed this Ted Talk as it demonstrates having grit can make all the difference for you in your career. Please enjoy and have a wonderful week.

Video Link

#grit http://ow.ly/i/DbrPv


NetworkingLet’s Talk
I’ve been watching “Mad Men” on Netflix lately. Not only am I grateful to be a woman in business in 2018 I am grateful to pioneering women like Peggy who paved the way for women today. When I first started watching the show I was entertained as it was filmed in my parent’s era. I was also a bit appalled at how the men treated the women in the office. However, once I got past my thoughts on the show I began to see how good men are at networking. These guys were not just arrogant but they knew how to “play the game” together. I have found over the years that women have a tendency to get competitive with each other but what happens when women pull together and really start networking. Female entrepreneurs are so amazing, they can hustle, multitask and posses a passion like no other. When women lean on each and pull from each others strengths the sky is the limit. I have been building my tribe of fabulous women and I could not be more grateful for these ladies who have amazing creative ideas and push me forward. Who are the fabulous women in your life and what do you do to foster these relationships?

Learning New Skills

Learning new SkillsHave you ever noticed that children are like little sponges when it comes to learning? I am always so thrilled when I see my grandchildren hit new milestone. Their first word, first step all the firsts especially in their first year. We spend our youth learning, exploring and developing new skills.
Then somewhere along the way we tell ourselves what we are good at and what we are not. Now while its true we might be more drawn to one skill verses the other or find learning one subject more interesting than another. There is real value in developing many skills not just the ones that we have a natural ability towards.
Take for instance public speaking, this is the number one fear. Many people run from this skill, claiming they are no good at it. The truth though is that everyone can benefit from learning to speak in public. At some point in time you will be called upon. Whether it be a toast a wedding, a presentation at work or sharing at a funeral you will most definitely benefit from practicing your speaking skills.
It does not need to be your favorite area of learning but developing new skills is extremely important for challenging yourself. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject of dementia as my Mom suffers from it and almost every article I read talks about benefits of challenging your brain and learning new skills. Its just exercising your muscles, the more you do it the stronger you become.
What skills would you like to learn? What skills would you benefit from in your career? Once you pick a topic get out there learn a new skill, it will build your confidence, you might make an amazing connection along the way and the benefits will outweigh the work involved and most importantly have fun along the way.
#learning http://ow.ly/i/CZCvj

Sell with Purpose & Passion

Purpose & PassionAlways sell with Purpose & Passion

The dictionary defines Purpose as:

1.the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

2.an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal


What is your purpose for sales?

Is it just a way to earn a living? Do you truly believe in what you sell?

Or is something bigger, is it your contribution to others?


There is a lot of talk about not being” Salsey” while I agree there is nothing worse than a sleazy salesperson. What about the profession of sales. I personally am very proud I chose sales as my career. I am not ashamed for wearing the title of being a “Salesperson” if I had to do it all over again, I would. I am honored to have natural sales abilities and I am excited to share my energy and passion with the world.


When I am coaching I talk a lot about selling with purpose and passion.

When I am working with a client I feel excitement and a fire ignite inside me.

Sales is a great way to contribute to my family but it lights me up with energy.


One of the key attributes of a top sales performer is that they always demonstrate a passion for the sales profession.  While you need to understand the core sales process and the fundamentals of sales, your attitude towards your work will ultimately decide your success.  You must truly believe in what you are selling and be dedicated to helping your customer solve a problem. Authenticity, enthusiasm and strong work ethic are all key ingredients to becoming a top sales performer.

I am so excited to be working with an organization that makes a wonderful contribution to the world through helping those living in extreme poverty…. More on that to come… stay tuned.

Consider what is your purpose for sales and do you feel passion about it…. if not do you need to reassess or do you need to find purpose & passion in your work?


Choosing Courage and Passion


This past Sunday I had the honor of running an 18K with a wonderful group of friends. It was the annual Terry Fox Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox was a very young Canadian hero that lived an extraordinary life of courage and dedication. At the young age of 19, he discovered he had a malignant tumor in his leg and consequently had to have the leg amputated. Only a year later, he embarked on a journey of hope as he ran across Canada on his artificial leg with the goal of raising $1 million for cancer research. Many people doubted achieving this goal was possible. Terry not only achieved it, but to date, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over $715 million for cancer research. He showed the world what someone can accomplish when they decide to live out their life from a place of courage rather than a place of fear. .

In his own journey with cancer and in his dedication to raise funds for cancer research, Terry always chose courage over fear. He had the inner strength to carry on, he never let fear stand in his way of daring to dream and finding hope in his darkest moments.

Fear as a motivator rips apart your dreams and steals your inner joy, peace, and hope. It can be beneficial if it saves your life in a crisis situation, but I am not talking about this healthy fear. I am talking about a fear that grips you and feeds negative thoughts into your mind that you are not good enough, not capable enough, or someone else is better or more talented than you.
These inner lies are self-limiting fears and can hold you back from reaching your highest potential.
Terry showed the world that even though disease had taken his leg, it did not destroyed his passion and courage. His courageous spirit inspired the world. Today, I am sharing a video with you on his life and legacy. As you watch, consider whether or not there are areas of your life—professional or personal—in which you lack courage and passion.
Courage is not inherited; it takes daily practice to obtain it. Sometimes it’s hard to find courage. There will be moments of doubt, but we all have the capability to replace fear with love—a love that says, “I am worth it. My work and ambitions are meaningful. I have talents and life to offer those around me. I will passionately go after my goals. I will show grace when I am under fire. I will never let fear stand in my way of success.”
My definition of success has never been measured solely by a paycheck. My definition of success is having the courage to live my life from an authentic place, to choose integrity over greed, and to passionately go after my goals.
May you be not only inspired, but challenged by this video to face your fears and courageously dare to dream a bigger dream for yourself in whatever areas you need such a challenge.
May the legacy and spirit of Terry Fox ignite a spark within you to live your life to its fullest potential, to let nothing stand in your way of becoming all you are meant to be, and may you be lifted to a higher level.

Goal Setting: How to Cross the Finish Line

Businessman running to success.

One of the most important keys to success in sales is goal setting. One of my colleagues asked me about my work strategy and how I was managing both our retail and dealer accounts. At first, I just explained that goal setting is an integral part of my territory plan, but I realized goal setting runs a little deeper for me.

It all started when I was a young mom in my early 20s. I sat down one evening and made a vision board for myself. I pasted pictures of everything I wanted to achieve. I dreamed of some larger goals—a cute blue house, a nice black SUV. Of course, there were also some smaller goals—I wanted new furniture, the kids needed boots, and there was even dish cloths on the board. I had so much fun not only dreaming, but setting goals for myself. I moved a few months later, misplaced my vision board, and soon forgot all about it. Many years went by and one day while cleaning out a storage space, I found my vision board. I looked at the board closely almost stunned. There it was—my blue house, my black SUV. I had replaced my dish cloths a few times by that point, there it was my life. It was at that precise moment I discovered the power of goal setting.

Goal setting must be an integral part of your strategy if you are going to achieve great results

As an account manager, I took the time to plan for my success. I didn’t wait for the clouds to clear and the warm rays of accomplishment to beam down on me. I learned at a very young age the power of goal setting and how it could affect my life.

In grade 2, I entered a private school where goal planning was part of the curriculum. I was mandated to set out yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. We had a strict set of rules for how much school work was mandatory, but for those that wanted to accomplish more, we could set goals to complete our courses early.

Math was my least favorite subject, so my goals in that area were usually set at the minimum amount required. I loved social studies, so I would get excited and make lofty goals for myself in that area. In doing so, I set myself up for success. Not only did I finish my courses early, but I received high grades. These powerful lessons learned at a young age set me up with the tools I needed to be able to set much loftier goals later in life.

Do you regularly set goals for yourself?

One of the keys to effective goal setting is finding something that gets you fired up. Making the goal fun and with a large personal payoff will be a predictor of success.

For example, maybe you want to increase your income for 2018. SMART is an acronym used in goal setting that can help you achieve this goal.

S stands for specific. Is your goal very specific? Putting a dollar figure to your goal is more descriptive than “lots” of money. Is your goal $50,000, $100,000 or $200,000? Whatever the number is, name it. Naming it gives the goal an objective.

M stands for measurable. How can you measure your goal? If your goal is simply “lots,” it’s hard to measure, but if its $75,000 or $100,000, then it’s measurable. You either make it or you don’t.

A stands for achievable. Can you achieve it? Is the goal realistic?

In running, I set goals for myself. My current goal is that I want to complete a 10K in 1 hour or less. This is specific, measurable, and achievable, but if I said, “I want to run a 10K in 30 min,” when I regularly run it in 1 hour 15 min, it would not be realistic at this point and I would be setting myself up for major disappointment.

If your goal is to make $100,000 in 2018 and you currently earn $75,000, this would be achievable. But if you said $250,000, it would not be completely realistic at this moment in time. Of course, you could get there, but that might be a goal that comes later after you achieve a more realistic goal of $100,000 in year one.

In running, we don’t bump up more than 10% at a time. In goal setting, you should plan similarly. Hit your first target and once you hit that, aim realistically higher the next time.

T stands for timeframe. What is the timeframe for you goal? If the timeframe is 2018, that is a specific timeframe. If you said, “I eventually want to earn $250,000 a year,” that does not include a timeframe. It has no beginning and no end. Make a very specific timeframe for yourself.

Once you have established a goal, it’s time to break it down into monthly and daily plans. Think bite-sized pieces. If I want to make $100,000 in 2018, how much is that monthly? Weekly? Break it down. The more you plan, the easier it will be to attain your goals.

I have used goal setting in many aspects of my life from playing the piano to running to my career.

I am so passionate about goal setting you will find my goals listed on my fridge at any given time with a clear action plan laid out.

When I decided that I wanted to run my first marathon, I made a goal setting plan.

I established a goal that I wanted to compete a marathon in the next 6 months. This goal was measurable. I would either cross the finish line or I would not. It was definitive I determined the goal was achievable as I had already completed a couple of half marathons. The goal was realistic because this distance would challenge me for sure, but was feasible so long as I established a plan and stuck to it. The timeframe for my training was 6 months. I found a plan for completing your first marathon by Hal Higdon. Once I had established the goal and found a plan that matched my objective, all that was left was to train using my plan and I went on to run my first marathon. The goal setting strategy worked so well that only 1 year later I ran a second marathon 15 min faster than that first one. Once again, goal setting proved to be a powerful tool in many areas of my life.

Your goals in business should be ones that get you excited. If the goal does not give you a sense of enthusiasm, it will become a drag and the process of hitting the goal will become a burden. If the goal gets you fired up, your chances of success dramatically improve.

What are your sales goals? Have your written them down and laid out a clear plan? If you have not, I strongly urge you to start goal setting. I promise it will change your life. It’s one of the most important tools you will carry with you. Ask any successful business owner about his or her goals and the will definitely have them and most likely very willing to share them. Ask an athlete about his or her goal and see what happens.

Goal setting is one of the most powerful routines you can establish in your career and it is a strategy utilized regularly by top producers in any industry.



Businessman running to success.