What our clients love about Honor Sales


Testimonial with Carmel Ecker, Sales for Paul Krismer – Motivational Speaker and Author

As soon as I realized that I wanted to focus on learning more about selling, I knew I had to hire Honor Sales, They helped me clear a path to my learning. Their core value and beliefs fit my business model. I would 100% recommend Honor Sales

“Laura Burns”  Life Coach

You couldn’t get a better Sales Trainer than Sharon-Rose McNeil from Honor Sales! Why? Because she has been in sales since she was a teenager and has made her way through to the top all by herself, thus acquired tremendous experience and it shows. It shows in the ease she has with the subject, the soft, effortless approach. It is easy to get fooled and think it is just because she is a natural. Sharon has a very detailed and organized Sales Strategy that she employs and teaches you how to master it. I am in the middle of the Fundamentals of Sales course and not only have I learned so much but I have been encouraged and supported in stretching myself outside my comfort zones. Learning skills that I felt I lacked and needed to learn. What I love about Sharon is that her course is personalized to fit your specific business’s or services needs. Her positive and super resilient mindset, warmth and supportive attitude. She not only gives you the tools but also the emotional support you need to walk through what may seem a sales landmine at first!

“Emmanuel Statholopolis” Owner Your Place & You