About Us

It all starts with living your life on purpose

Why Honor Sales ?

  • My View on Sales – Its very simple, I do not believe in here today gone tomorrow sales tactics. At the very core of this business I believe in honoring our customers by working from a place of authenticity, trust and respect. I believe in building relationships with my customers by listening and caring, I am 100% committed to helping you grow your business and widen your impact.
  •  Flexibility – I understand when it comes to sales training there is simply no one fits all type training. I am excited to get to know your business and why you are working to make changes in the world. I would love to work together to tailor a plan for your team. While I offer training programs these are simply the framework to build from, I strive to get to know you, your unique challenges and then customize and tailor a program exclusive to your business.
  • We give back – Honor Sales is a firm believe in paying it forward by donating 5% of all sales to Compassion Canada. I am passionate about helping to end child poverty by doing my one small part. I deeply care about future generations and want to help educate children in developing countries that so desperately need our help.

Who do we love to work with?

  • Womanpreneur striving to make a big impact– If you own a heart centered business we speak the same language. For us women our businesses reflect our hearts. I know you care deeply about your customers and long to make a difference. Many entrepreneurs struggle with selling their products and services because they don’t want to come across as pushy. If you feel this way you are not alone. The good news is I love to work with women to help bring out your inner sales diva. I want to work with you to help you achieve your goals through sales training built on your core values such as authenticity, trust and respect.
  • Small Business – If your a small start up company that’s perfect I want to help you get off on the right foot with the Fundamentals of Sales. Strong communication skills are required in sales as well as a full understanding of the needs of your customers. I will offer to help you navigate difficult conversations with your suppliers.  I am here to help you set goals, establish a sales process for your team and help you drive more profit into your business.
  • Environmentally sustainable & ethical business – If the mission of your business is to leave the world a better place. I am the right sales trainer for you.  The key to growing your sales and profits  starts with building long lasting relationships with your customers. If you are going through a transition such as growing or expanding now is the time to look at your current sales processes that are in place to make sure your strategies are set to grow with the rate that your businesses is growing.


Need a little extra nudge? The good news is sales is a skill that can be learned. All it takes is the right mindset, combined with a winning attitude and the right tools and you will have all the necessary ingredients for sales success beyond your wildest dreams. Why dream about change start by being the change. The truth is if you want to make a big impact you will need to start growing your sales.


Mission Statement
Honor Sales is committed to training and empowering sales professionals who strive to make a big impact in the world through their products and services that respect our earth and make the world a better place. My passion is to help small to medium sized businesses close more business, through world class training built on core values such as honesty, integrity, trust and respect for all.  We believe in doing our one small part to help educate children living in poverty by donating 5% of all sales to Compassion Canada.

Live your life boldly

My Personal StorySharon-Rose McNeil Metis Entrepreneur

I have taken over 25 years sales experience and have packed it up specifically with you in mind. I am passionate about helping you make a big impact in the world. I wont apologize for loving sales. However, its not only about closing more deals although that is very important, its about living your life boldly and purposefully. My vision is to take all my experience in sales, door to door, construction and corporate and help train you to reach your full potential by serving your customers with your awesome products and services. I have never worked from a place of simply working for the sole purpose of just making money. I recognize that true wealth comes from living your life on purpose and serving my customers honorably to create a life that leaves a legacy. I have humble roots, my parents were farmers and instilled in me a love for my community and my faith. My parents left an amazing legacy not by their wealth but by the depth of their service to others. My Metis mom taught me to respect our land and my Irish father taught me the value of developing a hard work ethic.I strive to walk humbly in their very big footprints that they have left for me. The path that led me here has not always been easy by 20 years old I had 2 beautiful children and a family that depended on me. I have never been one to make excuses but rather to find ways to make it happen. I strive to take all the obstacles I have faced in my life and use them as fuel and energy to propel me forward, while serving others.